There isn’t a dog that needs to be rehomed at the moment.

Several times a year a new home is sought for a Tatradog. We believe that every Tatradog that needs to be rehomed, deserves a very good place.

Do you want to rehome your Owczarek Podhalanski?

How awful as it is,  it may happen that circumstances can make it impossible to give your dog what it needs, or you can’t take care of him/her as you want to. Also if it turns out that you and your dog aren’t a good match, sometimes it is better to rehome your dog.

Here we want and can help you with this process by giving your dog attention on our website, Facebook or our contacts. To make sure that the dog is understood and any new owners previously have sufficient knowledge of the dog, it is necessary to fill out our application form. From this we gather as much information as possible to make a clear and honest summary that reflects the dog.

You can download our applicationform as a word-document. Please fill in and send it by email. Don’t forget to save!

Appl.form rehoming a dog - word.doc

You can also fill in our form online.

Appl.form rehoming a dog - online

Looking for a dog that needs to be rehomed?

Sometimes an owner and/or breeder looks for a new home first. Not all dogs appear on our web site or in social media. Please, contact us at to inquire about this or that you want to be informed by us in the future, if a dog needs to be rehomed.

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