TOPnl – walk  on sunday March 31, 2019

Let’s walk together!

In 2013 we have already organized a walk in the Laarsenberg area, near Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen. At the time we liked that very much, and the location is nice and well situated in the centre of the country, which is why we we decided to  go there for another walk.

The Laarsenberg is an area that belongs to the Utrecht Landscape and covers 80 hectares. The area where the dogs can be off leash is about 52 hectares. The trail runs for part around Ouwehands Zoo alongside the forest of bears and wolves! This will certainly be a spectacular sight and we hope the animals will show themselves!

We intend to gather around 11.00 hours on the parking lot situated on the left next to the Military Ereveld, Grebbeweg 123, 3911AV, Rhenen, Utrecht – GPS: 51.9554661, 5.590629

When we have had a cup of coffee or tea with some treats, we set off for a walk that will take over an hour. The largest trail is about 5 km. There’ s no bathing water in the forest, unless it has rained cats and dogs before of course. After the hike we gather again at the parking lot and head towards the Pancake House the Grebbeberg to have a nice time afterwards. Our dogs are welcome outside on the covered terrace. If you wish to grab a bite here, it is at your own cost, and for those of us who want to spend an afternoon at Ouwehands Zoo after it, we would warmly recommend it as it is one of the few zoos where your dog may come in with you and as such an amazing experience.

Perhaps it is needless to mention that both members and non-members are welcome to join in on the walk. Even if you don’t have a Tatra dog (yet) but would like to get to know the breed and our association. We would like to know in advance who will be coming, so we can inform everyone in case of a problem. You can send an e-mail to or use the registration form below.

We hope for a nice number of participants and an enjoyable walk!

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