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For the 7th time in a row we are organizing the Tatra Spring Festival which event is held on Sunday 26 May 2019!

For this occasion, we picked the very centrally located Ede for our event.

This day’s schedule is about as follows:

  • At 11. 00 am you will be welcomed with coffee, tea or a cool drink with some treats. We will gather near the area of the Ederheide, where dogs are allowed to run free, at the Driebergweg in Ede (P1 on the map above)..
  • As from 11.30 am we start with our tour over the heathland or in the forest. There is no fixed trail and distance so everybody can choose where and if he/she wants to go for a longer or shorter or just short walk with the dogs either on or off leash.
    We have learned that groups are formed automatically with like-minded people to explore the area.
  • After the walk, ultimately at about 12.45 hours, we all head to property “de Wildenburg” owned by Scouting Tarcisius located at the Bosrand 17a, 6718 ZN Ede. This location is situated almost ‘around the corner’ of the Driebergweg. ((P2 on the map above) You will reach the scouting by turning right at the ‘Anneke Bakker terrace’ and then walk on between the hockey fields. Coffee, tea and other refreshments are ready to be served there for everybody.

We hope to have the same great time with this scouting as we have had in Dieren in recent years. There is plenty of space on the terrain and we can go inside or stay outside partly roofed if the weather is not so good. Of course, we expect to be able to stay outside. There are wooden benches available to sit on, but for more comfortable seating or if you have back pain, we advise you to bring your own (folding) chair.
The area of the scouting is enclosed, but there is a gate which is opened and closed by people. Each of us is responsible for the actions of his or her dog and some supervision is required to ensure that everyone has a relaxed afternoon. Owners will have to clean up their dogs poo themselves.

  • At about 13.30 hrs. there is a workshop mantrailing for those who are interested and at the end of this page we give a short explanation about it. Please register in advance for the workshop in view of the number of participants versus instructors needed.
  • A tasty meal is a must at this Tatra Spring Fest which is about 15.00 hours and will include several meat dishes, complemented with nasi and noodles. At the same time we also serve various side dishes.
  • As from ± 16.30 hrs we will ( maybe all together) start washing the dishes, tidying up and cleaning, in order to properly hand over the place to the scouting around 17.00 hrs.

We only ask a small fee for attending our event. Members of TOPnl will pay € 5,00 per person and non-members € 7,50. Children up to 5 years for free and for children from 5 to 12 years the fee is € 2.50. For this amount you will receive food and drinks, coziness and the opportunity to get acquainted with mantrailing with your dog.

Our Tatra Spring Fest is a great way to get to know the Tatra dog and TOPnl in a relaxed way and in a nice atmosphere. We do hope for a high turnout of you, our members but also guests are very welcome! If you wish to bring along friends, you are allowed to do so as well.

It is necessary to register in advance because we have to do some shopping for this day.
Please use the registration form to sign up on our website or email:
Through the confirmation we will let you know the amount due to us. You can pay this amount to us in cash on the day the Spring Festival takes place. We would appreciate it if you would let us know in advance how many people you are coming with and if you would like to join us for a meal.

Closing date for registration is Tuesday 21 May!

Join us and walk, have a chat, search and eat with us. (At the bottom of this page) For the record we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are staying in a wooded area. It is therefore recommended that you check your dog and yourself (and possibly the children) for ticks afterwards.

Wat is mantrailen?
What is mantrailing? Mantrailing is an old, but in the Netherlands a rather unknown discipline involved in rescue dog work. Mantrailing is about tracking down a missing person by following the scent trail that the respective person leaves behind. As the trail begins, the dog smells at an object with the scent of the missing person on it. After that the dog should only follow the trail of the one he was offered, despite the tens of thousands of other odors he / she encounters on the trail. There are other odors which can be very tempting for a dog sometimes. Learning this requires a lot of energy and effort. Much training is needed to achieve results. Schooling a mantrail dog is not for everyone. It is important the dog has passion to work, enjoys the “game” while the owner has to invest a lot of time and training in it. To observe and find out if this activity fits you, we have invited the people of to give a demonstration and workshop. You can find out more about this activity for man and dog on

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