On Sunday, September 15 we organize the annual Championship Club Show (KCM) and the Tatra-TOP Special Show at the same time.

An event for ALL Tatradogs, with and without a pedigree.

– The KCM is exclusively for Tatradogs from the age of 4 months with a pedigree recognized by the FCI. This show is organized under the authority of the Dutch Kennelclub. The dogs are judged by Maikel Koot and the best male and female are awarded with a double CAC*. The best of breed also receives the title “Club Winner 2019”.

– The Tatra-TOP Special Show is open to all Tatradogs from 2 months up. Diane Sari shall perform the judging. Due to its unofficial character it is particularly suitable as an exercise for young dogs, but it is also a special occasion to personally experience such an event with a Tatradog who would not otherwise participate. Like said, all Tatradogs are welcome with us, with or without pedigree, castrated or with a “fault”, it doesn’t matter. They may all be entered.

We invite everyone to an enjoyable day in a relaxed atmosphere where conviviality prevails.

More info and entry forms on this page!

(*)         Double CAC on sufficient entries, if not a single CAC
(**)       This age applies only to dogs born in the Netherlands. Dogs from abroad must have a valid Rabies vaccination.


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